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Old 09-01-2010, 01:29 AM
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Tips for Beating Hot Weather


It seems like everybody (except Australian riders) is now facing the hottest riding months. While a select few enjoy and even thrive in the solar-pounding mugginess and humidity of a heat wave, the rest of us trudge along in sweat-soaked torment. While I won't promise that the following hot- weather tips are going to turn your hot summer rides into air-conditioned adventures, they will help you survive when others have thrown in the towel. Most of all have fun riding you Giant Mountain Bike.

Just because you are wearing a hydration pack doesn't mean you don't need a water bottle on your bike, too. The water bottle is great for a quick shower, something you can't do with a hydration pack. Specialized and Bontrager make side-load water bottle cages if your Giant Mountain Bike frame doesn't allow enough space to pull a bottle out of a conventional cage.

Sunlight makes it past your helmet, visor and glasses to cook your forehead, neck and arms to a nice medium rare. Guard against sunburn with any of the sunscreen products specially formulated for athletes. These sunscreens are less likely to slide off due to sweat or water. They are available at any chemist, supermarket, pharmacy or drugstore. Do your skin a favor.

A thin coating of water-resistant sun¬screen will not help your summer tan, but that's bad for you anyway. Protect your skin.

Don't sit in front of the TV on a hot summer night. Get your¬self a good set of lights and a clear lens for your sunglasses and hit the trail with your Giant Mountain Bike
. If you don't night ride, you are missing out on half the fun of mountain biking. Night riding turns a familiar trail into a new experience. Wildlife is more abundant at night. Everything happens faster. And, it is cooler. Those in desert environments will have the best luck heading out in the early morning hours, because it takes all night for the desert to cool. Buying advice: Go for the more expensive high/low-beam lights with rechargeable batteries. There are tons to choose from at any good bike shop.

You need to drink more water during hot rides, and the most natural way to hydrate is sucking from a hydration pack. These packs come in so many shapes, sizes and prices that there is one that will work for you. Uncomfortable? Just because they have all those straps doesn't mean you have to use them. Chest and belly straps are a rider preference and not
required to keep the pack in place. The manufacturers will never tell you this (thanks to all the ambulance chasers out there), but a hydration pack may absorb some impact if you end up falling. That's a nice fringe benefit of wearing a pack.

So when riding my Giant Mountain Bike the above tips really contribute to my comfort and enjoyment of the sport of mountain bike riding.

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