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Things To Bring on a Mountain Bike Trip

Things To Bring on a Mountain Bike Trip

Things To Bring on a Mountain Bike Trip

Author: A Crane
So you have decided to go on a mountain bike trip. But before you hop on your mountain bike for that best ride ever, there are a few things you need to bring to make sure things remain fun and safe. Here goes the list of must-bring gears to a mountain bike trip.

Helmet � Never ride without one. A hit to the head may cause serious or even fatal injuries. So if there is anything you need to protect the most when on a mountain bike, it will be your head. But not just any helmet will do. Helmets need to pass certain standards before they are considered capable of protecting your head, make sure yours do.

Armor and Pads � Rough trails and steep jumps may cause you to fall off your mountain bike. And if you do, it is better to have protective armor and pads on. Contrary to what others think, body armor and pads does no constrict movement at all and are pretty much comfortable to wear.

Eyewear � Protect your eyes from dust which may distract your control over your mountain bike. Eyewears with tinted lenses also protect your eyes from heat and too much sunlight.

Gloves � Too much friction between the handlebars and your hand can cause pain and discomfort during rides. Having a pair of gloves on will save you from it so you can focus and enjoy your ride more.

Water Bottle/ Hydration System � Mountain biking is an activity which requires a lot of physical strength and control and can easily drain body fluids. Be sure to get your water bottle refilled before your journey or carry a hydration backpack.

First Aid and Repair Kit � Minor cuts and bruises need not ruin the rest of your ride. Having a first aid kit on will help reduce pain or prevent small injuries from getting worse. A repair kit for your bike will also help you along the way when unexpected malfunctions come. Take note however it is best to check the condition of your mountain bike before going on a ride.

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